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Mechanical Application

Parts for Mechanical Seal

Seals & seats have been widely used as the wearing parts of mechanical seals for sealing fluid in the pumps of chemical and power plants, etc. Different kinds of material such as carbon, carbon impregnated with resin/metal, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, ceramic, stellite & stainless steel are available to suit your application. Schunk will recondition valuable seal assembly to original and excess of 40% saving can be achieved.

Carbon Bearing for Kilowatt-hour Meter

Bearings are the key parts to satisfy the long life request for KWH meter. Bearings are produced by precise production. There are a lot of advantages to use bearings like self-lubricant, wear-resistant and it also can reduce friction coefficient between graphite bearing and steel pin.

Air Compressor Piston Ring

Piston, guide, bearer rings and gland packings, oil scrapper rings are utilised into oil-free air compressors. Most of rings are made of self-lubricating materials such as carbon-graphite and filled PTFE compounds. All above grades are available and tailor-made as customers' request.

Carbon Bush & Carbon Steam Joint

Wide range of carbon materials such as resin bonded graphite, carbon-graphite metal impregnated graphite are used on making steam joint and bush for dyeing and paper industries due to their good chemical, wear, thermal shock resistance as well as self-lubrication effect. Please contact us to ensure the correct is used for the application.

Carbon  Vane

Carbon vanes have been widely used on different application such as dry running rotating compressors, vacuum pumps, mobile compressors, diesel fuel pumps and meters etc. Our vanes are mainly made of carbon-graphite, metal impregnated carbon-graphite and CFC material which particularly suited for your requirement.